The smart farm is here to stay

We have been waiting for a smart farm to arrive, but it looks like we’ll finally get one.This article is based on information from the Verge and is reproduced here

How to protect your smart homes

New Delhi: A smart home smart culler is being developed to prevent burglaries and other damage caused by the sprinkler system.Smart monitoring system that detects a leak or malfunction in

The best smart watering systems

With the new season of NBA basketball upon us, NBA teams are beginning to explore smart watering stations, and it’s not only the Warriors that are experimenting with them.The Dallas

New ‘Smart Metering’ technology for electric vehicles is just the start

Smart Metering, also known as Intelligent Cruise Control, or ICVC, is a technology developed by Autolib Inc. to control the energy consumption of electric vehicles.The technology works by using a

How to get your business on autopilot

More than 60 percent of businesses in the United States rely on smart systems for their operating systems, according to a new study.Smart software can help businesses quickly identify and

When Smart Boost stops the bleeding, the rest of the world should be paying

Fox News contributor Matt Yglesias recently wrote an article titled “When Smart Boost stopped the bleeding,” which argued that smart technologies like smart meters and electric vehicles are the most

‘Smart Water’ system makes you feel smart

Smart water systems are an emerging market in the US, where a growing number of customers are using them to reduce water consumption.While the smart water technology is not as

How to Create Smart Accurate Lighting System for Your Home

Smart lighting system is a smart system for providing light that matches your room and decor to make it look your own.This article describes how to install a smart lighting

How to connect your smart home to your smart car

Smart cars and smart home systems have been linked to a new kind of smart-home automation called Brink, which could make your home smarter and more connected.Read MoreSmart Home HubsThe

How to use Smart Parking in Dubai

Smart Parking is a great idea for people living in Dubai.The idea has been around for a long time, and it can make for a very effective way of managing