The smart farm is here to stay

We have been waiting for a smart farm to arrive, but it looks like we’ll finally get one.This article is based on information from the Verge and is reproduced here

What if the Xbox One X is a true successor to the original Xbox One?

Polygon The Xbox One was a powerful machine, capable of playing the most demanding titles at high frame rates.The Xbox 360, on the other hand, offered a limited set of

Nike Smart Roofing Systems: $4.3B market, $1.2B in revenues, $3.1B in profits for Nike

Nike’s smart roofing market grew by $1 billion last year and now is worth $4 billion, company CEO Gene Munster said in an earnings call.Nike’s revenue is $3 billion and

Oil Smart System is launching an oil-smart system

July 24, 2021 0 Comments

RIVERWOOD, Ark.(AP) The owner of a gas station in an industrial suburb in Arkansas is rolling out a smart system that uses GPS and cameras to detect oil spills and