Nike Smart Roofing Systems: $4.3B market, $1.2B in revenues, $3.1B in profits for Nike

Nike’s smart roofing market grew by $1 billion last year and now is worth $4 billion, company CEO Gene Munster said in an earnings call.Nike’s revenue is $3 billion and

Which smart roof system is the most expensive?

Smart roofs are getting more expensive, but they’re still the best option for people with limited space.The most expensive smart roof systems are designed for people who can afford to

Smart Roofing Systems Are Smart Money System

Smart roofing is a new technology that allows homeowners to pay for their property through smart money.It’s one of many new financial technologies that can make life easier for homeowners.Smart

Why smart roofs are so important for your home

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

In the United States, smart roofs have been the subject of a growing amount of discussion among homeowners.A study released in January found that a growing number of homeowners are