When Smart Boost stops the bleeding, the rest of the world should be paying

Fox News contributor Matt Yglesias recently wrote an article titled “When Smart Boost stopped the bleeding,” which argued that smart technologies like smart meters and electric vehicles are the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As he explains in his post, it is a fallacy to assume that the smarts that reduce CO2 emissions will automatically reduce other pollutants.

“The problem is that the cost of energy, transportation, and environmental pollution are higher than the value of those technologies.”

While Ygelsias may be correct that the “cost of energy” is higher than transportation and environmental costs, he misses the point of the debate.

Smart meters and energy storage systems are not a replacement for cars and trucks.

Smart power meters and smart electric vehicles will not stop cars from driving and killing people, just like the smart meters used by utilities won’t stop cars or trucks from killing people.

In fact, Yguses is wrong to suggest that electric vehicles won’t be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, including those who were killed in the recent tornado in Oklahoma City.

I wrote an excellent post for Bloomberg in 2014, titled “The real winners of the Tesla crisis are the poor and the powerless.”

I also wrote a post about climate change in 2013 titled “Car companies are the real winners in the Tesla Crisis.”

But the true winners in this climate crisis are not the car companies.

They are the climate deniers and climate denier apologists in the public and media.

The real losers are those people who would prefer to live in a world in which climate change and the catastrophic effects of climate change were never a reality, even if they believed it to be so.

What Yg is saying is that we must wait for smart technologies to stop climate change before we accept the reality of climate denial and climate denial apologism.

I agree with him, but we also must be prepared to acknowledge the realities of climate science, and the consequences of inaction.

The Real Costs of Climate Denial and Climate Denier ApologismThe Real Cost of Climate-Based Climate Deniers and Climate-Denier Apology