How to replace your computer with a smart cctV system

A few months ago, Google announced a new feature in the Android operating system called SmartCctV.

The new feature is supposed to give users an intuitive interface to control smart devices by just tapping on a button on the home screen.

The goal of the feature is to give the user control over what is going on inside the smart device and give them an idea of what is happening on the device.

Google says the feature will allow people to control their smart devices from a smart home, from an office, from a car, from the web, from their TV, and from anywhere.

The feature is also supposed to be able to track the activity of your smart devices, as well as make suggestions for new features that you can add to your devices.

The feature will be rolled out over the next few months in various countries.

Users can start using the feature right away by signing up for Google Play.

The Android version of SmartCCTV will be available as of April 28.

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