How to get more sleep: The 10 best sleep hacks

Smart systems are one of the biggest trends in the modern world.

They’ve made our lives better and they’ve made life easier.

But for those who struggle with sleep, the best sleep hack might be the one we haven’t heard about yet: using a smart phone.

If you’re tired of waking up and looking at your phone to stay focused on what you’re doing, then you may have a few options for solving the problem.

Here are 10 sleep hacks that can help you get more quality sleep.1.

Use your phone for socializing2.

Go for a walk3.

Read a book with your phone4.

Watch a video5.

Play a video game6.

Listen to a podcast or podcast app7.

Read an audiobook8.

Listen through an app9.

Get a workout10.

Play an app that helps you stay awake