Why India is developing a smart delivery service for its citizens

India is gearing up to become a smart city for its residents, with a smart technology called smart delivery.

It is also creating a pilot project to develop the smart system to track and track the whereabouts of its citizens.

It was not long ago that India was facing serious challenges with respect to privacy.

A recent report by the Information Technology Policy Institute of India (ITPI) said privacy violations have been rampant.

The report pointed out that, from January to March this year, the country experienced over 7.2 million incidents of data breaches, and nearly 3 million identity theft cases.

The country’s government has launched a series of programmes aimed at improving security and privacy in the country.

Among them, it has introduced a number of initiatives including the Aadhaar card, which enables the use of a unique digital identification number (ID) and a unique social security number (SSN) to track a person’s whereabouts.