What if the Xbox One X is a true successor to the original Xbox One?

Polygon The Xbox One was a powerful machine, capable of playing the most demanding titles at high frame rates.

The Xbox 360, on the other hand, offered a limited set of games and, at the time, was limited to Xbox One games only.

But that changed with the release of the Xbox X, which was designed to compete with PlayStation’s new, larger console.

It was a bold move for Microsoft to bring the Xbox into the new era of gaming, which means it needed to bring back some of the games that made the original a success.

“It’s not like the Xbox 360 was a complete failure.

It wasn’t a failure on every level,” Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer told Polygon.

“I think the Xbox was just more about how to deliver a product that we felt was very high quality and that was something that we needed to do to help Xbox be able to continue to be successful.”

Spencer says Microsoft was “very much on board” with the Xbox one X and the idea of adding more titles to the game library.

“In the end, it was just an opportunity to continue delivering those games to the Xbox platform, but I think at the same time, we needed a little bit of flexibility,” he said.

“So, I think we made the right choice to add Xbox Live Gold as a third-party title.

We also got the right tools, the right partners, the most advanced gaming infrastructure to make sure that we could deliver that kind of game experience.”

Microsoft says it spent $1.2 billion on the Xbox games, and Spencer says the company “really has a strong history with the game industry.”

The Xbox X was Microsoft’s first foray into the next-generation console industry, and the company is aiming to keep up the momentum with next-gen games.

The new Xbox games will be available to everyone, and there will be plenty of new games coming to the platform.

“There will be games coming out on both the Xbox and the Xbox Live that will take advantage of all the advances that are going on with the hardware,” Spencer said.

Spencer also told Polygon that Microsoft was not interested in releasing any games that weren’t made by Microsoft Studios, because that would compromise the quality of the console’s games.

“We want to continue doing our best to build great games and great experiences for the Xbox audience,” he added.

“That’s why we have the exclusive publishing deal with Microsoft Studios.”

While Spencer says it’s “not realistic” to have an Xbox exclusive, the company has already signed deals with studios like Warner Bros. and Ubisoft, which will make Xbox games based on their IPs.

Microsoft is also releasing its first ever game on Xbox One: Gears of War 4.

It’ll be available on the new system for $19.99.

That’s a steep price to pay for a game that’s only available on Xbox Live.

For the rest of us, the Xbox app on Xbox will still work on the original console.

Spencer says that the Xbox team has spent a lot of time and effort to create a “complete gaming experience” for the console.

“What we’ve done, what we’re going to do, is go out and put together a game and we’re working hard at it to make it as good as possible,” he continued.

“And the good news is, I’m confident that with the best hardware in the world, we’ll deliver a great game.”