New Scientist: Car smart system could be the answer to our traffic woes

New Scientist is calling for a new wave of automotive innovation, citing a recent study showing that autonomous cars could be a boon to traffic safety.

The research, published in the Journal of the American Automobile Association, found that the use of smart cars could cut down on collisions by as much as 50 per cent.

Automakers have already begun testing autonomous vehicles on public roads, but the technology is still at the early stages.

New Scientist said the research, led by researchers from the University of Cambridge, was funded by the UK Government through the National Infrastructure Research Council and the Department for Transport.

In a statement, it said the findings “suggests that autonomous vehicles could be of great benefit to both public safety and economic development, and highlight the need for governments and businesses to work together to build a network of smart infrastructure that makes the car more safe, more efficient and more reliable.”

It added that the research highlighted “the value of integrating vehicles in systems that are already in place” and said it was the first to show that automated vehicles could improve traffic safety in cities.

New Scientist is a US-based news magazine that publishes original research from leading experts in their field.