How Google’s Google Glass Could Be Your Next Big Thing

Google Glass could be the next big thing in wearable computing, says Tim Armstrong, a senior analyst at Gartner.

Google’s wearable device could be your next big tech, he says.

Armstrong says that Google Glass is “the next generation of smart glasses” and could be a big winner.

Armstrong says that Glass will probably be a hit, because it will be much easier for developers to build software on top of it, making it “easier to get your eyes into virtual environments” and interact with others.

And it will allow users to “take virtual photos of objects,” and will let them do “things like interact with virtual people,” Armstrong says.

Armour says that he thinks Google Glass will be the “biggest consumer product” of 2017.

He expects Google Glass to make more than $5 billion in revenue, which is a lot of money for an “innovative product.”

Armstrong also says that we’re going to see a lot more Google Glass ads.

Google Glass users will probably start using it more and more to get more content.

He predicts that by 2020, the number of ads that Google has going up will be around 3,000 ads a day, up from around 2,000.