‘A Smart Economy’ Is Inevitable—and the GOP Is Not Ready

The American Enterprise Institute’s Larry Bartels, who is helping launch the GOP presidential ticket, is predicting that by 2025, the economy will be a smart system.

“The economy is smart because we’ve got a smart grid,” Bartels said during a call with reporters in Washington.

“Smart financial system is smart.

Smart medical system is intelligent.

Smart education system is smarter.

Smart infrastructure is smart.”

Bartels was referring to a new Republican platform for the 2020 presidential election that he released this week.

In addition to the platform’s proposal to create a smart economy, which includes a tax credit for companies to use their blockchain technology, it includes a $50 billion “Smart Infrastructure” fund to support infrastructure projects, including smart buildings, smart energy and smart transportation.

“It’s a smart, efficient system,” Bartles said.

“We need to embrace it, because we are going to have a smart society.”

This week, the GOP platform also called for “tax incentives for businesses to build smart and secure systems that support the economy.”

In addition, it calls for $50 million to help companies build smart energy systems and “use blockchain technology to accelerate the adoption of smart energy.”

Bartel said the Republican platform would be an ideal platform for candidates who want to attract working-class voters who aren’t typically attracted to the GOP because of their immigration policies.

“What we’re going to be talking about is the issues that are going in the Democratic Party’s favor, and we’re not going to talk about the issues in the Republican Party’s.”

Bartles is the chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

In his role as chair, he will oversee an alliance of conservative governors, including Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey, who will take on Trump in the fall.

The group will also be working on an agenda for 2020 that includes an infrastructure package that includes $50-billion in federal investment in infrastructure, and a “new generation of American innovation that’s going to create jobs and bring back manufacturing,” according to a statement from RGA Executive Director Ed Feulner.

Bartels has said that the Republican agenda would include tax credits for companies that use their blockchains to connect with other companies to create smart systems that enable faster payment and exchange.

Bartel, a longtime Trump ally, is also working with the Republican National Committee to promote the platform.

On Monday, Bartels and Feulner were on the same conference call with GOP officials to announce that they were launching the RGA’s platform for 2020, which is a collaboration with the GOP Platform Committee, the party’s governing body.