$4 billion smart systems budget for Michigan

Michigan will spend $4.9 billion on a smart systems program to help people with disabilities, including some who have trouble seeing and hearing, get paid.

The state’s Office of Disability Services, which oversees the state’s financial aid system, will spend up to $2 billion on the program over five years to help pay for the $4,200 monthly disability payments for people with intellectual disabilities.

For example, someone with a disability would need a hearing aid and a hearing test, the state said.

People with disabilities with hearing impairments and a range of other needs can get a monthly benefit of up to 50 percent of the cost of an average person’s rent or a family allowance.

People with hearing disabilities can also get up to half of the monthly cost of living adjustment for rent or housing assistance.

Michigan’s program is part of a broader national effort that includes $500 million in funding for job training, job placement and education programs for people in poverty.

This is an effort to ensure that people with disability are getting the support they need and are also getting the skills they need to get the jobs they need.

Under the program, people who can’t receive basic supports because of their disabilities can use a combination of federal and state financial assistance programs.

Many of those programs are already available in Michigan.