When the smart campus goes mainstream, we’re likely to see a smarter boat system

Smart Boat Systems, a Seattle-based startup founded by former Microsoft engineers, is developing a smart campus for students.

The system would be able to automatically detect when students are walking or driving and automatically steer them to safety.

Smart Campus would then provide them with information about their surroundings, including traffic conditions, and even tell them to get out of the way if they start to get too close.

The idea is that students would be equipped with a smartphone and would be instructed to stay in their lane and not drive in the way of cars or other vehicles.

Smart Campus would also provide users with an alert on their phones to check their environment.

The app would then tell students if they’re in a safe place, and if they are, they could leave the area.

Students would then receive a notification on their smartphone if they need to get back to their lane, the company says.

As of now, Smart Campus has only tested the system on an initial batch of its students.

Its founder says it has tested the app with a pilot group of students, and is testing it with more than 300 students in a pilot program.

It’s the latest in a series of technologies that Smart Campus is developing.

In October, the startup announced it would build a smart water pump to improve water flow in classrooms.

It has also partnered with Google to develop a smart bike system that will automatically detect a student and send them directions to a bike rack nearby.

This story has been updated to reflect the Smart Campus app’s beta test period.