Smart system access allows smart doorboll system to operate without user intervention

August 4, 2021 0 Comments

By Nick HoggisFox News staff |Posted August 18, 2018 05:00:24The smart system access program allows smart home systems to operate as if they were plugged in to the smart door system, allowing for a seamless transition for the user to enter their smart home.

The program is being introduced to address issues that can arise with the smart system, which can include the inability to access the smart device without the user having a physical presence at the door.

The smart access program, called smart door access, is currently being rolled out to a limited number of homes in New Jersey.

It will be rolled out in all homes in the state by the end of the year.

“It’s important to note that smart doors are not meant to be left unattended in their natural environment,” said Josh Ziegler, a spokesman for SmartHomeUSA, the New Jersey Smart Home Technology Association.

“They’re meant to stay connected to the network, to the outside world, to where you want them, when you want ’em.”

According to Ziegling, the smart access system can be used by a homeowner who wants to lock their door remotely, or who simply wants to be able to access a smart device.

“With smart doors, we’re bringing the functionality that you want in the home, but it’s the added convenience of using the smart systems remote and the ease of access to your smart home devices,” Zieglers told

“We want people to be as comfortable as possible.”

The smart door program, however, does not require the homeowner to physically enter their home or home to the Smart Home, a concept that has been around for some time.

Ziegler said Smart HomeUSA is also testing out the program, with more homes expected to be eligible.

“We have a long way to go, but we’re excited about this program and we’re looking forward to seeing what people choose,” Zigler said.


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