Jet Valve introduces smart backdrop system

Jet Valves is unveiling its latest smart backdrop for its customers: a projector that shows images projected onto a wall.

The new system, dubbed SmartBUNGEE, combines projector technology with smart lighting and lighting sensors that can detect when a person is looking at a light source.

The projector’s light source and the smart lighting sensors detect the brightness of the lighting, and then the projector and smart lighting system create a 3-D environment that looks like the scene.

The system uses a projector and sensors that capture images on a projector screen that can be viewed with the SmartBUCKET.

Users can switch between the projector mode and the SmartBACKGROUND mode by sliding the SmartBOX switch, a small control panel on the top of the SmartBOARD.

The SmartBACKLESSENING feature allows the user to choose between a projector mode or SmartBACKLAND mode.

Jet Valves said it is also working on a new version of the projector that can capture images at a higher resolution, such as the ones in a SmartBOX.

It plans to introduce the new projector later this year.

The projectors are used for retail and industrial applications, including video games, and have become popular among consumers because of their low cost and size.

The new projector is a smart solution that combines the projector with the projector’s sensors and the lighting and sensor-tracking system.

“We’ve always been focused on smart lighting technology and the ability to create a better lighting environment and image,” Jet Valvables CEO and president, Scott Johnson, said in a statement.

“This system enables us to make those improvements with an economical, low-power projector and an integrated lighting system.”

Jet Valve said SmartBACKVALVE, a.k.a.

SmartBURN, will be available for consumers at Jet Valved stores starting this fall.

The projector is expected to be available by year-end.