How to get rid of the smart lock, smart gate and smart screen on the Mazda smart system

Posted October 03, 2018 11:50:17If you own an iPhone, you might have a new smart lock or smart gate in your pocket.

This is where things get a little tricky.

The Mazda smart lock has a new button on the side of the device, called the Alpha, that allows you to select the type of lock.

You can either select a smart lock to unlock the car, or a smart gate to unlock your door.

You then have to enter the codes into the Alpha.

The Alpha doesn’t work on the Smart Tuning System or the Street smart systems.

The smart gate works with any smart lock and gate, but only if they’re unlocked with the Alpha button.

The smart gate doesn’t unlock any doors.

The Alpha also locks doors and locks doors automatically, but you can’t unlock them manually.

The gates only work if they’ve been unlocked with an Alpha button, which requires a PIN.

The codes are hidden in the Alpha so you can only unlock them with the alpha button.

You must then enter the PIN into the gate.

The alpha button is a little confusing.

It looks like a button with a ring on it.

The ring is a button on a different part of the Alpha and is always in a certain location on the device.

You have to look at the ring on the top of the button to see where it is.

It’s on the far left side of that button.

If you press the button, it will activate the gate or lock the door.

The buttons on the left and right of the top ring are your options to select.

The gates can’t be used to unlock doors.

They only work with the door lock.

The beta button has two options: the Alpha option to unlock, and the gate option to lock.

It can only be activated when the Alpha is selected, or when the gate is selected.

The gate is an optional gate option.

The gate unlocks the car door.

It has a different set of buttons, and requires the alpha or gate to be selected.

You can’t activate the gates if the Alpha isn’t selected.

You’ll need to use the Alpha to unlock or lock your door, or unlock it manually.