How the Smart Car is Driving New Zealand’s Smart Cars

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

New Zealand is set to become the first country to get smart cars on the road.

The country is set on the track to be the first in the world to start issuing smart cars and their driverless technology in 2019.

The announcement comes after New Zealand got its first smart car, the Smart S1, in the New Year.

It is the first car to use the new technology.READ MORE: NZ driverless car is on track for 2019 rollout, driverless cars announced in New Zealand ahead of US launchThe Smart S is the latest vehicle from smart systems which uses software to detect, identify and identify potential hazards to road users and help them avoid them.

The Smart Cars will be built by Smart Cars NZ and will be powered by a self-driving technology, Smart Assist.

The system will provide a range of functions including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, lanekeeping guidance and lane-hopping.

It will also help the car identify and react to traffic lights and traffic signals.

“This is the biggest leap forward in our smart cars technology that will enable us to make New Zealand the first nation to use driverless vehicles on our roads,” Transport Minister Simon Bridges said.

“There’s so much more that we can do with driverless systems that will help us to keep our roads safer, improve our quality of life and support our economy.”

The Government said the rollout was being driven by the introduction of a range-topping fleet of smart cars.

“New Zealand is well-placed to take advantage of this significant milestone in the driverless revolution,” Minister Bridges said in a statement.

“We are working hard to build a fully driverless fleet of vehicles with a range to match the demand.”READ MORE : New Zealand to get first smart cars in 2019, drivers expected to drive them as soon as 2020 – Bridges press releaseThe Smart cars are being tested in the city of Otago.

They will be able to drive on the roads of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and have the capability to drive up to 60km/h on a single charge.

The vehicles will be fitted with cameras and sensors that can identify hazards and alert the driver if they are close to them.

A new, fully drivered vehicle with a capacity to drive 100km/hr will be available in 2021.

The pilot is a part of a new national initiative, called the Driverless Revolution, which aims to make roads safer for all New Zealanders.

The Government said it had set up a $US100 million investment fund to accelerate the rollout of the technology.

New Zealand’s Minister for Transport, Rob Stokes, said in March that the first Smart Cars were on the way, and that he was confident that the program was on track.

“In 2019, the country will be one of the first countries in the Western world to begin rolling out fully driver-less vehicles, and we are committed to making the country one of New Zealands best places to live and work,” Stokes said.READ THE REST HERE: