How smart tolling could save lives and cut COVID-19 deaths

The World Health Organization is warning that the rise of smart tolled taxis will not only save lives, but also reduce COVID outbreaks.

The WHO has released a study that shows that the number of deaths caused by COVID will increase by as much as 1,000 per day by 2030.

However, there are many factors that can affect the impact on COVID cases, which is why the WHO is urging governments to adopt smart towing systems.

“Smart tolling is a great idea, but it is not enough,” Dr Albrecht Rochat, the WHO’s head of public health and infectious diseases, said in a statement.

He said that smart toing systems have the potential to significantly reduce the number and types of COVIDs that can be transmitted by vehicle and the number that can also be transmitted through other modes of transport.

“The WHO believes that the implementation of smart-tolling systems will also reduce the risks of transmission of COVDs and infections,” he said.

It has been reported that the average life expectancy of a driver in a smart toler system is more than three years.