Why we need smart ducting system in your home

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

Fox News contributor Jim Acosta asked whether smart ducts could be more effective in preventing the spread of bacteria in your house.

He said smart duct systems have been around for decades and the only time they’ve been tested is in homes with high levels of mold and mildew.

But he did not give a definite answer as to what smart duct could do for preventing mold or mildew and he did say that the answer is probably not much.

He added, “the main thing I’m interested in is, how do you get rid of the mold and the mildew that might be present in your kitchen, your bathrooms, your living room.”

Here is what Acosta said: If you have mold in your living space, the mold can spread to your appliances, your food, your clothes.

If you have mildew in your bathroom, the mildews can spread.

So, you want to get rid, as best you can, of all the mold in that area, because the mold is a big contributor to mildew, and it can cause disease.

Acosta said smart pipes, which are connected to a sprinkler system, could help with this problem.

He said, “You can take the smart pipes and plug them into the plumbing, and you can control the water temperature, so you can actually change the moisture that comes into the house, which is one of the big contributors to mildews.”

The Fox News crew asked Acosta if smart duct technology could reduce the spread.

He did not answer the question directly but he said, smart duct “could be used to treat indoor surfaces, you could use it to control the moisture in your rooms, or you could control the humidity in your room.”

Acosta added that the smart duct can also be used for heat regulation, air conditioning, and other purposes.