Smart TV, smart lighting system set to be the next generation of home entertainment system

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

Fox Sports announced that it will launch two new smart lighting systems at CES 2016: the smart TV and smart lighting platform.

The smart TV is expected to launch later this year and is powered by Apple’s TVOS.

It will be available for $499, and the smart lighting platforms will cost $199.

The TVs will come with a range of lighting features, including automatic dimming and a high-definition color display, and they will also have an app to make adjustments to the lighting.

The smart lighting devices will be powered by the Apple TVOS, which will enable apps and other features that were not available on previous smart lighting products, like dimming, and will enable a more personalized look and feel to the home.

Apple TV has been used for smart lighting since last year.

Apple’s TV is the latest major home entertainment product to be powered with the new OS.

The company introduced the smart television platform in November, and it was the first smart home system to be made by Apple.

It is available for iOS devices and Macs.