Oil Smart System is launching an oil-smart system

July 24, 2021 0 Comments


(AP) The owner of a gas station in an industrial suburb in Arkansas is rolling out a smart system that uses GPS and cameras to detect oil spills and identify the location of those who are at fault.

The Smart System, developed by the company OilSmart, is rolling to retailers in South Dakota and Louisiana, where oil spills have become more common in recent years.

It is being installed at a gas-station and at an industrial site in the suburb.

OilSmart has also installed a similar system in New York, and is testing one at a small refinery in Arkansas.

The company says its system is designed to detect leaks within the first hour after an oil leak and will notify people of their location, how to report spills, where to report a leak and what they can do to clean up the spill.

The system will monitor the state of the oil and determine whether the person at fault has access to any emergency or public assistance.

The owner of the gas station said the system is the only oil-tracking system in town.

He didn’t know if the system will be deployed to other businesses, including restaurants and bars.

The city of Riverwood has been grappling with rising oil prices that have hurt the local economy and pushed some residents into deep poverty.