IBM’s smart boiler service could help save money on IT costs

July 13, 2021 0 Comments

By Brian Murphy / Business Insider IBM is testing a smart-billing service for its employees to help save them money on computer hardware and software purchases, according to a report.

The technology company has been testing a service called Smart Billing that would allow its employees in its IT departments to track purchases of hardware and other digital devices from third parties.

It could help IBM cut down on the cost of its data centers and other IT operations by allowing employees to track what hardware and applications they use to perform tasks, such as online billing and scheduling.IBM’s technology chief, John Dolan, has been working on the Smart Bidding service since March, according the New York Times.

IBM has been experimenting with various payment models for its IT infrastructure, and the service could potentially make it easier for companies to pay their employees a better wage.IBD previously reported that IBM was testing a Smart Billed service to its employees.

It said IBM would start testing the service in late February, but it wasn’t clear if it was working on it or not at the time.IBi, which also owns and operates IBM’s cloud infrastructure business, has a reputation for cutting costs and outsourcing services.

In November, the company was forced to pull its cloud-based service Redshift from the Google Play store after it was discovered that some customers were using the service to shop for computers, TVs, cameras and other equipment that were not eligible for the $99.99 per year price tag.IBm has also recently been testing its cloud service, which has been used by the likes of Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and others.

In a recent report, IBM revealed that it had lost $100 million in the last 12 months, a number that has increased significantly since then.IBMs stock price rose more than 14% in late August, after the company disclosed it had missed a revenue target for the year.

The stock rose another 10% on Monday, trading at $68.84.