How to set up smart triage in your company

July 9, 2021 0 Comments

Smart triage is an intelligent system that helps your company identify and manage its employees.

The system scans and identifies individuals in your team, and when it finds an employee with a high risk of getting injured, it will send an alert to your manager and the entire team.

It’s a system that works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Let’s explore how you can automate the process of smart triaging for your company.


Determine a Smart Workplace Smart triaging helps you identify your employees, identify risks, and prioritize workers based on their risk and ability to perform.

This system works on your team.

The manager needs to see all your employees and can set an action plan to identify risk and make sure all employees perform in accordance with their plan.


Create a Smart Job Search Smart triagers are tools that can be used to search for jobs.

It can be simple to use a smart triager to help you find a position in your business, or to create a smart job search that helps you find jobs for your employees.


Identify your Smart Employees Smart triages work by scanning and identifying the individual with a risk level that’s most likely to get injured, or who is a low risk.

The more people with these levels of risk in your organization, the more likely you will find that person.


Deterve the Risk of the Individual in the Workplace The smart triagers will take into account the potential risk of each individual employee in the team.

For example, if there are three people in your entire team who have low risk, and one of them is in a position of high risk, you can assign a risk to each person in your group to determine whether they should be added to the team, or if the group should be eliminated.


Create Action Plans for the Job Search The smart workers will then review the action plan and create an action list for each individual, and assign a priority to each task.


Create Smart Workforce A smart workforce will have multiple levels of access, based on the individual’s level of risk, to all of your employees so that they are all able to work together and share information.


Create Workplace Safety Checklists The smart job seekers will take steps to keep their employees safe, including creating safe work environment checklists.


Use a Smart Manager to Manage your Smart Workplaces If your company has multiple smart triages, you should also manage the smart job searches and smart workforce, and ensure that the management of the smart workplaces is automated.


Create an Action Plan to Reduce the Risk and Ensure the Success of Your Smart Triages 1.

Identifying the Risk Level in Your Team Smart triager will work to identify individuals with high risk. 2


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