How to avoid the ‘aqua’ in healthcare system

July 24, 2021 0 Comments

Smart Healthcare System: A Smart Solution to Improve Care for All People in Your State,, October 14, 2018By KEVIN ROGERSDALL,Associated PressHealth and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and other senior officials at the Department of Health and Human Service are proposing that a new, federal smart healthcare initiative will make it easier for states to tap into federal funding for state-level systems and programs, with states and localities picking up some of the slack.

Price and the other top officials, including HHS Secretary Tom Marino and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, said Tuesday that a federal smart health system, known as an aqua smart policy, is needed to provide universal access to health care.

Aqua smart is a plan that uses smart technologies to provide health care services across the nation, but the Obama administration did not include an aquas smart plan in the 2020 budget.

A smart policy is a way for states and the federal government to work together to reduce costs and improve quality of care, with the goal of reaching a universal, universal access goal that achieves universal access.

Under the proposed aquas-smart plan, states and cities would be allowed to opt into the federal program.

The feds would pay for the cost of state-wide smart systems, but would use a percentage of the total revenue that states receive from federal grants and contracts.

States and local communities would pick up the slack from the federal dollars that the feds pay to fund health care, but they would pick a percentage that they share with their own health departments, according to the proposal.

The federal government would provide a portion of its funding for local health departments and other health systems to help localities develop and deliver smart systems that can meet the unique needs of their communities, said Price.

States would have a cap on their total spending on state- and local-level smart systems and health care assistance.

States could use a different funding source for smart systems.

The goal would be to keep the cap at 10 percent of state and local budgets for the first three years, and to raise the cap annually, Price said.

The cap could also be raised by Congress.

Price said that the federal budget for the aquas system would be $25 billion for 2020, and $40 billion for 2021.

He said that Congress would have the power to raise that cap by using the revenue that it receives from the grants and contracting that it awards to states and that Congress could raise the funding through appropriations.

The federal government also would have to pay for a portion for the federal share of a local health department, according the proposal, which does not specify what type of local health services will be covered.

The state health departments would pick out the health care providers that would be covered by the program, which is called SmartCare, the plan says.

The plan also would make it possible for states, localities and tribes to participate in the federal SmartCare program, Price wrote in the proposal released Tuesday.

The proposal does not specifically say what the federal funding would be used for, but it does say that the Aquas-Smart plan would be the primary funding source.

A national smart healthcare program would be an additional source of funding, but only to fund the Aquases-Smart program.


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