How Israeli researchers developed a smart dairy system that can help farmers and consumers alike

July 14, 2021 0 Comments

The smart dairy farm of the future is being developed by Israeli researchers and is being designed to be more than just a factory to produce milk.

The system is being called the Ez smart system and it is being based on the technology developed by the Israeli Institute of Technology’s Cyber-Lifecycle Management.

The researchers say that the system will have a wide range of features that will allow it to be integrated into a variety of production systems.

The smart system will also be able to manage water, electricity, and waste, so that it can be used for all of the different needs of farmers.

One of the major advantages of the system is that it is designed to take into account the requirements of different farmers.

For example, a dairy farmer may have a specific dairy product that they use and the smart system may help them to use the system to adjust the milk to their taste preferences.

In the case of a dairy farm, there may be no need for special refrigeration facilities, but in the case where a dairy has a large amount of dairy products, the system could help to adjust milk to suit the farmer’s preferences.

“This will allow the system not only to manage dairy products but to manage the production of milk as well,” said Shai Sorek, head of the department of agriculture, and an expert on smart agriculture.

“In the dairy farm scenario, we want to have more efficient systems that will be able handle the needs of the farmer.”

According to the team, the Ez system will be based on a concept called “factory agriculture,” which was developed by Dr. Zvi Lamm, who is also an engineer at the IIT.

The idea is that a factory farm can have a range of different products that are produced in a factory, and each product will be delivered in a separate vehicle, and then the farmer will have to buy their milk from a different factory.

This way, the farmer can buy their product from a factory that is located in a different country.

The dairy farm model is being used to illustrate the system’s features, and the dairy system is designed with a lot of features to be used in a variety, such as irrigation systems, refrigeration systems, and even air conditioning systems.

“The system will need to be flexible enough that the farmer could choose from a wide variety of options, which would allow the farm to respond to changes in the market,” said Sorep.

“With the flexibility of the model, we could create a dairy product with a wide spectrum of characteristics, which will allow us to adapt it to different farmers’ tastes and to the needs for different milks.”

The system can also be configured to monitor the health of the milk, and will be used to manage storage of the dairy products.

The project has received funding from the Israeli National Research Foundation (INR), and has been implemented in the field with the cooperation of several companies, including Gogol, and a research institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

According to Dr. Soreg, the project is a step towards realizing the vision of “smart agriculture” that has been proposed by the IETF.

The future of smart dairy farming and the development of smart agricultural systems will continue to move forward.


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