Google: Smart system network: Google smart imaging systems and smart care systems are here to stay

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

Google’s smart imaging and smart system networks will stay with the company for many years to come, the company said on Thursday, a week after announcing that it had acquired imaging startup Zebra Systems.

Google, which makes smart home and smart camera devices, will retain Zebra and its other products, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The acquisition comes as Google grapples with growing privacy concerns about its use of personal data.

Google’s acquisition comes less than a year after its stock plunged more than 70% after it revealed that it is developing a smart home system that will track users’ activity, and after a series of privacy scares including the revelation that Google had installed a program that could remotely take photos of a user’s private data.

Zebra Systems’ sensor and camera technology was developed with help from Google and other companies and is expected to be available by 2019, the Journal said.

The company also said it will offer products in areas like medical and agricultural, as well as consumer electronics.

Google said the acquisition will allow it to focus on growing its portfolio of smart imaging, health, and security products and expand its product line to include a new smart system called Smart Imaging System Network, which will help build out the Google cloud for businesses and consumers.

Google has long been rumored to be developing a new cloud-based service that could help Google and its competitors improve their own services, such as cloud computing and machine learning.

Google is working to get its cloud computing to compete with Amazon Web Services, Amazon Web Tools, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Google Cloud Platform, according to the Journal.

Google is also looking at building a new platform to store its cloud data for companies to access.