Google is partnering with smart beam to bring a smart home technology to the masses

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

Google is rolling out a new smart home tech called smart beam, which it says can be plugged into your existing smart lighting or smart thermostat to turn the lights on and off, and automatically turn off the lights when you’re away from them.

It’s available in the Google Home app for iOS and Android.

Google has also teamed up with Nest, a Nest-branded thermostatic thermostats and a Nest Cam, which will be coming to Google Home, to bring its Nest technology to Google devices.

The company is also introducing the Nest Home Mini, which Google says will offer a better home automation experience for you. 

Google’s smart beam also allows you to turn your smart lighting on and on by pulling the plug, which should make it easier to manage lighting in your home.

It will also allow you to automate the lights and dimmer switches with the Google Assistant. 

 Google Home has long been a smart device platform, but Google has not yet made a smart thermoregulation platform, according to Business Insider.

Google has also announced that the Google Play store will soon be home to a new set of Google Home apps, including a thermostatically controlled light and dimming control app, a thermoreggiator, and a Google Home speaker.