Crestron smart systems,mist Smart Systems

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

Crestron, the world’s first smart home company, is releasing its Crestron Smart Systems platform to help homeowners in a variety of different scenarios manage their home.

The company has launched its Creston Smart System platform in partnership with the company’s subsidiary, Crestron Inc. The company has also teamed up with Nest, which is a leader in the smart home market.

Crestron Smart System will help homeowners set their home’s alarm and scheduling to help them keep a low stress level, conserve energy, and control their environment.

Creston Smart Systems will be released to residential homeowners as an open source technology for the first time, as the company is a pioneer in the field.

In a statement, Creston CEO Tim DeGrazia said, “The goal of Crestron is to give homeowners more control over their homes, and the smart smart home ecosystem is an important piece of the puzzle.”

Custodians can use Crestron to manage their thermostat, light and even schedule their home remotely.

“As homeowners, we want to ensure that we’re being effective in managing our homes, while still being able to live and work in comfort,” said DeGozia.

“This is why we’re partnering with Nest and other leading smart home brands to bring Crestron’s smart home solutions to the market.”

Crestons platform will also help homeowners adjust the lights on their homes to make sure they don’t need to turn them off too early or late.

Crestron says the Crestron platform can also be used to automate tasks like scheduling chores and cleaning to ensure home functions are set correctly.

The Crestron family of products is made up of Creston’s SmartHome, Crestons Crestron app, Crestrons Crestron HomeKit and Crestron Nest apps.


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